You Are Salt and Light

January 11, 2011

Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16

Jesus, making the announcement of the kingdom of heaven exploding on earth in the present tense, chooses to use the metaphors of salt and light to describe the disciples on the hillside and Christ followers today.

Salt is seasoning. He is calling us, not just to season this world with the good news of heaven on earth, but to be the seasoning of the good news of heaven on earth. Salt was also used for persevering meat—a great symbolism for the Christ follower acting as a check on this world, making sure it does not get too rotten.

Light is the first word spoken by God and the rest of creation could not exist without it. Christ is calling us to be light to the world. He is beginning his new creation of the world and calling us to be his light—giving shine to the kingdom of heaven in the world.

Notice here that Jesus does not say, “If you do ______ (read your Bible every day, stop sinning, go to church more, etc.), you will be salt and light.” He says you are salt and light.

We are his only plan to season/preserve and give light to the kingdom of heaven on earth and he does not have a “Plan B.”

How can you be the flavor of heaven in your world?  How will you give light to God’s kingdom today?  If you accept that you are salt and light, how does this change your perspective of who God has called you to be?


3 Responses to “You Are Salt and Light”

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