Student Ministry Props

January 14, 2011

Throughout my time in student ministry, I have read many blogs/articles/books which paint a “sky is falling”  scenario on student ministry, and really, the Church in general.  They all seem to be armed with their statistics, graphs and well-edited phrases which point to billions of students burning in the fires of hell for eternity.

As I read some of these tonight, I thought . . .

What about the times when student ministry has worked?

I mean, student ministry worked for me.  It has worked for many of the students who have come through my ministry.  Chances are, if you are a Christian over the age of 18 reading this, it has worked for you.

This is my blog to give my student ministry brothers and sisters who are slugging it out in the trenches some props for sticking with it even though there is a doomsday picture hanging over student ministry today.

  1. That time when you sat with that student who was dealing with that issue at 2:00 am . . . good job.
  2. That time when you felt like quitting, but you hung in there because you had committed to your team and your Call to minister to students . . . well done.
  3. That time when you felt like you were being crucified, but you stayed and sought to plant and water seeds for Christ . . . Jesus really liked that.
  4. That time when you saw all those other guys with bigger, flashier “things” going on at their church and felt that twinge of jealousy, but you went back to your smaller, less excellent “thing” and loved your students . . . great work.
  5. That time when you looked back at your students who had become part of “those” statistics after you poured your heart into them for so long and ached for them to the Father . . . take heart that your prayers were heard by One who actually has the ability to change their hearts.

Follow your call and love students.  Leave the future of student ministry in the hands of He who loves students more than you or I ever will.


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  1. Dad said

    Great thoughts

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