Book Review – Washington: A Legacy of Leadership

May 23, 2011

Let me start this review by saying that I am not an avid biography reader, so I picked Washington: A Legacy of Leadership by Paul Vickery and Stephen Mansfield up for a change of pace.

The bright side of this book was to see some of the mistakes Washington made (especially in his early military career) and how he prevailed when he was presented with similar situations in the future because of his lessons learned.  It was also interesting to see how he drew his strength from his calling from God, and how he perceived himself to be singularly qualified to do what he was able to do.  I did walk away with a greater respect for this man who sacrificed much for his country.

I am not sure if it was how a biography writing style differed from my regular reading fare, but I never found myself in a groove while reading this work.  It seemed to drag along with infinitesimal details about Washington’s life at times and it was a bit like being hit with a birage of information with little reflection as to the significance of what the information meant.

If you are a history buff or a biography lover, you will no doubt love this book, but if not, be prepared for a long and, at times, laborious, read.  Writing styles aside, however, this man was an amazing character from American History.

Thank you to Book Sneeze for giving me a chance to review this book.  These opinons are my own.


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