The Right Questions

March 8, 2011

Matthew 6:25-34

What shall we eat?  What shall we drink?  What shall we wear?

“The world’s trinity of cares” (C.H. Spurgeon, The Gospel of the Kingdom).  All three of them address our most essential needs on earth and all of them have the effect of turning us into animals who exist simply to survive.

Jesus steps into this world and brings a message that we are more than animals, more than grass; actually, we are “blessed.”

What Jesus is saying goes much deeper than, “Don’t worry about things.”  He is saying, “You are free from a life where your purpose is merely to continue living.  I have blessed you and am sustaining you so that you can be freed to pursue a life in the kingdom of heaven which begins when you come to the end of yourself and start your life with me (or, when you are poor in spirit).”

Central to this teaching of Jesus is that we are called to ask different questions as citizens of heaven than would, otherwise, fill our minds as citizens of this world:

  • They ask, “What shall we eat?”  We ask, “What shall we do to bring heaven to people?”
  • They ask, “What shall we drink?”  We ask, “Whom shall we love so that we may display the light of Christ in the darkness?”
  • They ask, “What shall we wear?”  We ask, “What shall we give so that we can be the vessel that God will use to fulfill his promise of nourishment to someone else?”

Let us be people who are wise enough to ask the right questions.


One Response to “The Right Questions”

  1. […] in the Sermon on the Mount, just got done teaching us how to entrust ourselves to God (don’t worry, don’t store up treasures in heaven, etc.), now he teaches us how to entrust others to God.  […]

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